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When you visit the page EISSOUND the first feeling you have is that there is something well done. It is no longer just the choice of colors or images, but the very order of the web a pleasure. Just see Audio for Home and you can see yourself like a champion with Starlabs.

A discreet menu at the top with information leading rigor and slightly changing the language, perfectly aligned panels and menus are clear and concise do that, at first glance, enjoy this website. Home sound system is an interesting page in this sense.

A high-quality website

EISSOUND is a company that sells audio equipment, among other things, to provide homes reproductive systems of high quality. How could it be otherwise, your site has to translate and images, texts and formats that quality. Ceiling speakers are very interesting.

The colors black, straight lines, the dark and silver come together in a context in which whites are very well-chosen.

Digital Marketing EISSOUND

The central part of the web shows us his three priorities for Audio home system: I500 Series, devices equipped with the latest technologies that incorporate the ability to add iPods to playback systems, KBSOUND, showing music facilities in the kitchen and restrooms, and a list of catalogs where you can find products and developments EISSOUND offers.

Once we browsing its pages, not surprised to find the letters in gold colors, with more funds in that style. Gold, black, white and silver are colors of distinction, and the company website reflects this.



Language and blog sections

Among the extra points So web account, plus catalogs in several languages ​​in pdf, is that the pages are in English and Spanish and who has a blog from which discuss aspects related to marketing and your products, your company and sound industry.

Thanks to this type of action is improved Internet presence provides added value to visitors and will give a better search engine positioning.

The blog articles on the web are clear, concrete and concise, without falling into self-aggrandizement and complement the information.

In short, a good page. See more at